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At that point, you'd be dead. Becky Adams: Yeah. Nathaniel G. Raley: But I feathered the engine, and I got away from there, but eventually got over another flak battery, and they finished me off. They got a fire going, started in my right wing.

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And then I could see blood falling, and I looked up to see where it was coming from and realized that's me. I'm bleeding. But anyhow, that parachute is beautiful up there, especially when you - but I swung back and forth a couple times and hit the ground on a backwards swing, somersaulted head over heels backwards. And I came to rest. They were to my back, these soldiers, because I'd landed maybe 50 yards on the edge of a little town, a village, that apparently the Germans had their soldiers quartered in there.

And alaabma - then they run out and grab me.

And at first, they leveled their rifles. I thought they were going to shoot me. I think I said to you before, I put one foot behind me - this doesn't make sense - to brace my body for the impact, so I wouldn't hurt myself when I hit the ground.

Interview with nathaniel g. raley [3/9/]

Of course, Demooolis probably would have been unconscious by that time. But they didn't do it. Two soldiers ran out and grabbed me under each arm and started dragging me back, and they stood me against a masonry wall and then started forming a line out here. And I thought they're going to make an execution out of this thing. And I think they were.

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I don't think this was a mock execution. They were mad. Then, but about that time, when they were playing with their rifles getting, you know, loaded and all that, a Chay noncom came up and just waved his lije, and they went away. He asked me was I badly wounded. And I said no. I thought I just had flesh wounds. And he said we will - he started to get out his own personal first aid kit. He said, "I think I better wash off the blood first. And I caht myself in a mirror, and I think I looked worse than I really was.

I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes and some of my demopplis to fire, and my hands were stinging some. My eyes were burning, hcat I kept them open some during. I had to see something. Becky Adams: Wow. Raley: But anyway, then they took me to - they did take me to a doctor. And then, the doctor put on some more professional wound. Then they brought out - I saw the people. We started off down the highway in this car, and here were the people that just shot me down waving, I mean, cleaning out their guns.

They waved, and I thought, what the heck, and I waved back. But anyhow, that's when we were going to see a doctor, and he put on some better dressings and some stuff. Then he brought out a plate of meat and potatoes.

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I think they were enjoying having, you know, an American pilot. And I started right off, whenever food is offered, eat it. You don't know when the next food is, when the next meal is coming. Alahama when they got through with that, they brought out a glass - I mean, a bottle of Italian wine. And I thought, they want to get me intoxicated.

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So I poured one glass. And I drank demoppolis, and I said thank you. And one of them was smiling, saying, "C'est la guerre," you know, in French, you know, "This is war. I was treated right nicely. Had I known what lay in store for me, I think I would have consumed the zlabama bottle. I didn't know what was. But anyhow, then three other guards, three guards, took me to headquarters. And I'm afraid they were getting kind of tired of me, because I think they were a little bit lost driving around.

And they'd stop and ask at the crossro. There'd be a German soldier there. They'd point this caht and that way. Eventually, we ended up at the German headquarters, and they turned me over to a German officer. Then, they had my billfold, which I had - I had some things that indicated my squadron and route, and route. Lkne thought, "Oh, g. It's only good, you know, on the American side of the line.

Becky Adams: Right. Raley: But anyway, then they went out of the room to discuss me. And so, when he went out of the room, I took out everything but the money and put in the stove.

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There was a nice fire going. And when - but the soldiers didn't come back in. The German officer did. And I said, "Can I have my billfold back? Take it. But they took me to - they took me to another headquarter. And there were three guards. chaf

There's always three guards. Becky Adams: Interesting.

Raley: And we spent - we spent the night in some lounge chairs. But anyhow, that was all right.

There was a bathroom I was - had access to. We were on the fourth floor. I thought this is too high for any jump. Sxe there's no convenient rope. In the movies, the prisoner goes down. That's not realistic. Becky Adams: No. Raley: But anyway, I got my first lesson in freedom. I looked at the magazines. They were all in German. I looked at the pictures. Then they weren't paying much attention to me.

And there was a radio on. It was between two stations.

One was German language and one was English language. And they didn't - I thought, well, I'll just turn it over to the English language. And I turned it over.

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And, for a few seconds, they didn't realize. And then, finally, "Ah! And they said, "Turn it off! Raley: Turned it off. And I said something like, "Well, cjat you listen? They said, "Oh, no, no. Lien don't do that. Axis Sally plays very good music. We like it. We like the music. Encourage them to keep it up, because we really like it. We put it in the public address system. We want everybody to hear it. We got a good charge out of it. Then, they said something like, "Well, you really shouldn't be fighting us.

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You should albama fighting the Russians. There is no point in summarizing the plot line, it is only there to allow John Wayne to kiss Vera Ralston, in the moonlight illuminating the patio of her mansion, watched by her father, the general! That kiss is one of those patented "take llne to the moon" kisses that Wayne gave select lucky ladies. Those lucky ladies reeled for hours after. Oliver Hardy is the third part of this delightful three-some. There is action when the French are attacked by the evil river-men who want their land, and are in turn repelled by the Fighting Kentuckians, the whole kit and kaboodle ,lead by a trumpet-blowing Hardy.

When the film first came out it was a smash-hit, and it is easy to see why. There is an easy humor, gallantry and romance here that I miss in modern films. Films now are so message-conscience and so full of unappealing, gratuitous nudity and sex, that it's fun to relax with a film that suggests much more than it shows and does it with style and a wink of the eye. Babe and Duke: odd couple that clicked Oct 27 October By Laurel and Hardy were all but finished we don't talk about 'Atoll K' but Oliver Hardy, always hard up, needed to work.

Hence this unique but worthwhile turn as a genial Southron in George Waggner's middling-good oater. John Wayne-- Republic's chief asset and now his own producer-- and Vera Hruba Ralston, its boss's wife-- were co-starring in a slightly unusual western.

It is set inheyday of Andrew Jackson's 'manifest destiny' expansionism. French settlers in the Deepest South, Napoleonic exiles, were slogging it out with English-speakers for the ownership of a bit of Creole country. Now they're on the loose in Alabama and since this was still the gallant, humorous Wayne of post-'Stagecoach' vintage assisting French settlers against larcenous land barons such as John Howard.

Contrary to what lazy film writers maintain, 'Repulsive Pictures', as some jaded employees called it, was never a pure Poverty Row outfit. By the late s it was careful to keep Wayne's market value up by attention to production values, a policy which culminated in 'The Quiet Man'. Here gleaming photography by Lee Garmes and George Antheil's score enhance the Frenchified interest of the mise en scene, and there's a surfeit of plot.

Once again the factor that lifted Wayne above the Audie Murphys and Randolph Scotts is visible abundantly: the charm and grace he cannot help exhibiting, even though he'd have knocked a man down for mentioning them. The lightness and assurance he projects makes it not crazy to compare him with Cary Grant-- who was also at his most beguiling when portraying embarrassment, despite his reputation for smoothness.

It has kept many of Wayne's seemingly routine pictures fresh when more pompous major productions have long since become fossilised. Hardy's main job is to inject slapstick or advise and admonish his chum when Wayne gets too romantic, but he is involved in the mechanics of the plot too. He does so well one feels that if 'Babe' had been less fond of the golf course and in better health, he could have followed many funny men before him into a second life as a character actor.