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Hours: Monday-Friday, a. Because African Americans have played an integral and leading role in forming that history, records relevant to African-American life and culture constitute a prominent portion of the department's holdings of nearly The majority of the collections documented in this guide are plantation records from the antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction period. Entries for these collections discuss topics such as slaves as plantation labor, and later, the hiring of freedmen. There are also several twentieth-century collections described that cover topics such as desegregation, bussing, race relations, and civil rights.

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Hours: Monday-Friday, a. Because African Americans have played an integral and leading role in forming that history, records relevant to African-American life and culture constitute a prominent portion of the department's holdings of nearly The majority of the collections documented sx this guide are plantation records from the antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction period. Entries for these collections discuss topics such as slaves as plantation labor, and later, the hiring of freedmen.

There are also several twentieth-century collections described that cover topics such as desegregation, bussing, race relations, and civil sdx.

The entries are arranged alphabetically by collection name. Listed after the collection name is the collection and the date span of the entire collection. The entries describe only seabrookk portion of the collection pertaining to African Americans, with complete summary records for collections available through the library's online catalog. The full texts of selected inventories i.

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This guide would not be possible without the hard work of a of staff, both past and present. We are especially grateful to our compilers. Enola Guthrie also assisted with the data entry. Letters discuss Union soldiers freeing slaves ; Alcorn's cbat with slaves and freed blacks ; the marriage of Northern white women nv blacks ; and the status of free blacks in the South The collection also contains two plantation inventories and Alcorn's diary, which contain slave records Alexander's correspondence discusses his relationships with free blacks and suggests he maintained close ties with former slaves after Emancipation subseries 1.

Microfilm available. Allen, planter and lawyer of Bainbridge and Lexington, Georgia.

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Topics include the management of slaves ; the murder of an Alexander relative in Alabama by a slave ; and former slaves renting houses in Tuskegee in order to qualify for the vote Includes a notebook containing records of s with "Indians and Negroes" Included is a letter to "Aunt Jenny," a slave owned by Allen, which discusses important events in the lives of related slaves still living in North Carolina Typed transcript only; location of originals unknown.

Legal and financial items include records of slave sales.

chxt The collection also includes a bawdy poem about a white parson and a black woman before Discussions at times relate to race relations. Included are case histories of individual lynchings investigated by the ASWAL mostly ; notes on the Federal Anti-Lynching Bill ; and letters pertaining both to race relations and to a training school for delinquent African-American girls Navy officer, Confederate officer, planter, politician, and businessman of Savannah, Georgia.

Correspondence covers various topics including black Union soldiers and African Americans living in Savannah Manuscript volumes include slave papers which document slave births and deaths and blankets and shoes distributed to slaves Anderson's diary mentions conferences to establish an African-American hospitala riot connected with segregation on street cars, African-American education in Savannah, and national race relations Letters pertaining to a visit to Liberia describe his meeting with slave-owning Africans and with former American slaves and discuss the native populace and religious customs of inhabitants of the Gabon River and Congo River Basin areas Note: Portions of Anderson's papers are also available at Duke University.

The collection contains letters pertaining to Soutj interest in legal education, adult illiteracy, and the training of African-American teachers in North Carolina. Included are chag letter concerning Andrews's article "Negro Congregations and Communicants" and a letter from Andrews to Clifford P. The collection contains correspondence on bussing and civil rights.

The bulk of the collection relates to Armistead's purchases of property and slaves in Bertie, Washington, and Chowan Counties, North Caroling.

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The collection contains business and family correspondence, financial and legal writings, farm journals, and genealogical information. Papers include instructions on the management of slaves in Georgia. Also documented are family disputes over the ownership of 60 slaves ? Congresses as well as of the first Confederate Congress Plantation records contain slave lists, slave bills of sale, hiring agreements, and birth dates; records of provisions given to, and contracts made with, freedmen ; and overseer contracts Materials relating to Arrington's political career include notes on laws regulating the oversight of slaves Some entries mention individual laborers, presumably slaves, by name, although most describe groups of workers as "hands.

Vinson, Chief Justice of the U.

Supreme Court, explaining to him the master race theory and the danger he considers inherent to the amalgamation of races in the United States. Included are slave bills of sale, some of which include a form, ed by the slave, agreeing to move to Louisiana; bills for the medical treatment of slaves; records of a jail fee paid for a runaway slave; and a document freeing mulatto slaves Correspondence covers various topics including runaway slaves; the desertion by former slaves of plantations ; supplies and work contracts for former slaves ; and African-American voting The collection also contains a ledger recording anecdotes about family servants before and after slavery.

Materials relate chiefly to plantation management. Included are slave lists ; documents relating to freedmen working at Mars Bluff; and a medical services contract between freedmen and a local physician The collection contains a list of slaves ased to the Engineer's Department of Eastern District Florida n.

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The collection contains deeds of gift and sale of slaves in the s and s; papers concerning lands and slaves ; and a letter describing Northern attitudes toward slavery and abolitionists A group of letters written from to discuss the secession crisis; the role of slavery and the Republican party in precipitating the crisis; the South's determination to achieve independence; and Baldwin's own opinions on the South.

Later letters analyze Reconstruction and race relations, and include a proposal by Baldwin to import laborers from Africa for Southern planters. Volumes contain slave records listing supplies issued, births and deaths, names, and other data Included are records of slave births, the names of slave mothers, and slave deaths; an of blankets and cloth distributed to slaves; and a hog killing record that details the distribution of meat to slaves Microfilm only.

Diaries record events in the lives of Baker's slaves, including illnesses, holidays, and an attack on an overseer 26 May InBaker writes about emancipation and his efforts to hire free blacks as plantation workers, and mentions his attendance at a "Negro preaching and ordination" in The collection contains correspondence, reminiscences, scrapbooks, printed pamphlets, and other material. Included are a letter mentioning Barnsley's plan to teach the slaves on Woodlands Plantation, Georgia, how to read and a plantation journal listing family slaves and hired slaves Correspondence discusses the execution of slaves accused of killing a white woman ; the buying of slaves ; ; a "Negro convention" at which a former Barringer slave was a secretary ; conditions of Southern freedmen; a "Negro procession" and meeting in Lexington, North Carolina ; and requests for aid for two brothers convicted of illegal activities associated with the Ku Klux Klan References to the purchase of slaves express attempts to keep slave families intact.

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The collection includes slave bills of sale and a receipt from a jailor for a runaway slave Correspondence, generally relating to Barrow's plantations in various parts of Georgia, discusses preaching to slaves ; slave insurrections and runaways ; promises made to slaves concerning the percentage of crops they would receive; efforts to keep slaves out of Sherman's path ; attempts to raise slave troops and an advisement against the use of slave soldiers in the Confederacy ; an agreement with "Tillman, a freedman" for labor ; and voting The journal documents the relationship between plantation owner and overseer, and between overseers, field slaves, and slave drivers.

It also contains slave lists, s of resistance and punishments, and tasks ased slaves, and includes information on slave births, deaths, and illnesses as well as items distributed to slaves and runaways.

MARY E. Entries occasionally refer to slaves and overseers.

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Letters contain references to the drowning of a young slave ; fear of a slave insurrection in Raleigh ; the annual hiring of slaves, ; illnesses among slaves ; a young slave's attempt to poison her slaveholders ; reparation requested for the death of a slave hired out to the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad ; an of the trial and conviction of slaves who robbed a smokehouse ; a request that Kemp Plummer Battle serve as a nominal master of a slave sent to Raleigh to seek carpentry work ; the mistreatment of an African American by a group of whites in Chapel Hill, North Carolina ; criticism of the Emancipation Proclamation and Reconstruction ; comments on the racial climate in Chapel Hill ; a congressional investigation into the Ku Klux Klan ; and an invitation of "colored citizens" to Kemp Plummer Battle to deliver an address on the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation The collection also contains two slave bills of sale The record was kept by a proprietor, Francis DuBose Richardson, by members of his family, and by overseers, and discusses the management of slaves and free labor.

Entries also note illnesses among slaves and give an assessment of personal property that includes slaves Some of the papers pertain to the sale and exchange of slaves.

Topics include the Civil War, houses, food, fishing, school, local people, and some animal tales. Items relating to slavery include the summary of a Baldwin Superior Court case arising from the sale sotuh blacks seized by the state of Georgia because of a violation of the U. One entry in the elder Bernard's diary includes discussion of the demoralization of freedmen Correspondence includes a discussion of the rights of "free persons of color" under the Constitution In a letter dated 10 FebruaryArms discusses the condition of southern slaves, stressing their religious carrolina.

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Entries reveal thoughts on the departure of slaves and difficulties with free blacks after the war. President James Knox Polk.

The diary contains references to the work, treatment, and prices of slaves. Writers and topics include a traveler in Mississippi who refers to the rental of several of his slaves to pick cotton during a temporary layover caused by a local yellow fever epidemic ; a slave owner in Shackleford, North Carolina, concerning possible charges brought against a slave for beating a slave owned by the writer ; and a Baptist minister in Vicksburg, Mississippi, to a minister in New York, expressing concern over the impact of the abolition movement on missionary efforts Much of the correspondence relates to the activities of the American Colonization Society and its counterpart in Great Britain, and documents the Blackford family's antislavery sentiments and their attempts to organize a colonization society in Fredericksburg.

Randolph of Forkland, Alabama ; an of the life, death, and philosophies of Richard Randolph, a Virginian who freed his slaves and moved to Ohio ; reaction to John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry ; the Northern working-class view of the war and slavery ; the secession crisis and Confederate army life ; problems with freed slaves ; news of Liberia and the hope that emancipated soouth would the African colony ; the idleness of freedmen and thievery among blacks and whites ; experiences of the white M.

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This extensive collection contains correspondence, diary entries, clippings, pictures, and other background materials relating to Blanchard's book, The Life and Times of Sir Archie: The Story of America's Greatest Thoroughbred, as well as family letters written from a plantation near Columbus, Mississippi. The correspondence contains plantation letters from Sarah Amis that routinely mention the welfare of two slaves named Lethe and Sophia, including an note stating that Lethe gave birth to who was "right good looking and not black of course"; a letter from Sophia to Bettie and Sallie Amis ; a North Carolina letter referring to "old negroes" at the end of the Civil War ; a comment from Sallie Amis in Petersburg, Virginia that "the niggas are as impudent as they can be" ; a report from Mamie Amis in San Francisco of Irish prejudice against free blacks ; and discussion of the political actions of blacks in Louisiana The clippings are primarily columns written by Bonitz or his wife.

Volume 2 contains two photographs of two African Americans: Alexander Manly, an editor in Wilmington, North Carolinaand "Drake," a candidate for mayor in Wilmington in There is also a typescript copy of notes on Manly's background.

The collection contains business and legal papers primarily of the Shephard, Leigh, and Markham families of Orange and Durham Counties, North Carolina. Papers include a will that calls for the sale chst land and slaves ; a property inventory listing slaves ; and documents relating to the hiring of slaves Among the Durham and Lloyd family correspondence is a letter of application for a position as a teacher at an African-American public school in the Beth-Carr district, probably in Orange County, North Carolina.

Included are a slave book and notes ; a contract for labor with free blacks ; and store s and advances made to free blacks Included are papers relating to integration of the troop Mainly business and plantation papers, the collection contains slave bills of sale; a typescript narrative entitled "The Carolian Letter Picked Up by a Slave" ; and transcriptions of letters concerning John W. DeSaussure's emancipation of his slaves Boykin" and letters concerning labor problems on plantations Legal papers contain slave bills of sale, including an bill for a slave described as addicted to drunkenness.