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Some of the tests you may have to help diagnose and assess bone cancer are described below. It's a particularly effective way of looking at bones. X-rays can often detect damage to the bones caused by cancer, or new bone that's growing because of cancer. Biopsy The most definitive way of diagnosing bone cancer is to take a sample of affected bone and send it to a laboratory for testing. This is known as a biopsy.

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A thin needle is inserted into the bone and used to remove a sample of tissue.

The surgeon makes an incision in the affected bone to remove a sample of tissue. You may need to have an open biopsy if the of a core needle biopsy are inconclusive.

Further tests If the of the biopsy confirm or suggest bone cancer, it's likely you'll have further tests to assess how far the cancer has spread. These tests are described below.

An MRI scan is an effective way of assessing the size and spread of any cancerous tumour in or around the bones. CT scans are often used to check if the cancer has spread to your lungs.

Chest X-rays may also be taken for this purpose. Abnormal areas of bone will absorb the material at a faster rate than normal bone and will show up as "hot spots" on the scan.

This may be done under either local or general anaesthetic. Staging and grading Once these tests have been completed, it should be possible to tell you what stage and grade the bone cancer is. Women wants sex tonight Butte if youre real youll change the Wow,so many fakes and weirdo's on.

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