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Chat or lunch around springdale and

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Okum added I see a lot of things left undone and I would hate to act on it this evening.

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Okum added I see a lot of things left undone and I would hate to act on it this evening. It is not up to this board to rede your building. I am not confident that your lighting scheme is anything more than street lights. Because of the placement of the ajd to accommodate your site, you have major light fixtures dropping out onto the roadway.

Unless you come up with some type of shielding that will give you zero fall, those lights will go in all four directions. The parking blocks are important; my truck would be in your landscaping as I back it in. You aroujd showing 24 feet curb to curb and part of that is the gutter area for drainage. Additionally, your parking stalls would have a two inch sheet of ice during the winter if that was your drainage area.

There punch a of those on the site. On landscaping, the building elevations without any break are extremely long.

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I think it should be to the southeast and not the northeast section. That could be accommodated, and you have to have that. Properly treated and landscaped, you can accommodate that. I am disappointed in the north elevation. I think it would look like a monolith of drivitt and masonry material with some awnings but it still would be very stark. Vanover said the parking spaces are a 19 foot minimum, and on DP 2. I see big problems with traffic backing into and out of the corner coming off Pictoria Drive, as well as the other corner.

Has the fire department looked at this in terms of emergency equipment. McErlane responded that the only question they raised was the detail they showed on the utilities and the fire department connection, which was more of a technical issue than anything else. The area shown is the parking lot area dashed indicating the future hotel location. The councilmembers on Planning Commission need to determine whether or not this is a major departure, but the base drawings did show four restaurant sites.

There is a preexisting tree replanting requirement that was developed as part of the original development of the subdivision, which requires approximately 60 caliper inches of trees, the majority of which are to be hardwoods.

McErlane added that the landscape plan shows 45 inches of hardwoods and 18 inches of ornamentals for 63 inches total. Planning needs to decide chta to allow ornamentals to replace hardwoods. It was difficult to determine where the property lines were. Part of the confusion was setbacks that were drawn on the west oe of the property were not drawn to the property lines. They were drawn to some other easement lunnch.

The fire department aroundd deals with the detail they show with respect to the fire department connection. The location is acceptable; it is just the way it was shown piped, an engineering detail. Cox said I agree that the elevation does not give the size of the building. The main reason is the extension of the service court. The building shown on that plan is the same size as the springxale, and we will provide new color elevations. McErlane said before you get to your service court, there is another vertical wall, which is considerably different from what you show on the lower elevation.

Cox added that we will get you new color elevations. McErlane said so on the rendered elevation, the step-down portion of the roof is your kitchen. Okum said part of the confusion is if you look at that drawing, you have three doorways going out into the seating area and the other drawing is different.

Vanover said the agenda says you are looking for final plan approval, and we have two concepts and a different plan laying here in front of us. What plan are we giving final approval to? When I approve a final plan, I want to know that the building is gong to be there. Harden responded we recognize that from the comments. I would propose that we continue this to the next meeting and respond to all staff comments.

On the curb and gutter versus straight curb, we will take a look at that and probably go to straight curb except at the sprigndale or work that out.

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Even if you use curb and gutter, there is lundh way to reverse the gutter plate so it drains away from the gutter plate. In most cases the way we have the parking lot deed it does drain away from the curb line. That is something that the developer needs to add4ress before you an make your spriingdale decision on this, and because of that, we would like to ask for a continuance.

Okum said the trees that the developer is placing on the site and your trees should blend with each other.

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I think you will need to have the placement of the street trees identified on your plan so we know where those are located. Harden said the big question is in our tree caliper requirement, we were including the ornamental trees as part of the hardwoods. Bill is asking if that is acceptable to the commission. There are two sets of trees there.

Huddleston said Ms. McBride requested an indication of whether there is outdoor seating and how much. Cox answered that there is outdoor seating and our revised plans will delineate it. Huddleston added that it will affect the parking ratio. Huddleston added I have lhnch concern with the way we have addressed the various restaurant entities going in in conjunction with the office and parking structure development. We are saying this restaurant will use this many; this restaurant will use that many.

We had an analysis for the office structure. Will that ultimately be a problem? McBride responded staff has had some of those same aruond.

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That applies to more than just the parking. There is an issue on tree replacement. I would suggest that it is more appropriate for aroubd developer to put that together and staff could review that and work with them. Galster moved tot able and Mr. Vanover seconded the motion. By voice vote all voted aye, and the item was tabled to October 9th. However, we springfale use a conference call, so he punch hear all the comments.

McErlane made the connection. Wess said I would like to do a brief overview of the site and go to staff comments. We have moved the drive on the Northwest Boulevard to ad the Bahama Breeze property as requested. We have spaces and are required. The employees will be using the garage for Pictoria Tower I.

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We are encroaching a little bit on the lake. We had moved this proposed wall out along the parking field on the west side five feet so we could put in some landscaped area along the parking field and wall. You see the wall exposed four foot on the west end and seven feet as you approach the building. There is a patio dining area overlooking the lake. Although we encroach on the lake, we are still over the capacity for the required detention basin.

We have modified the landscaping from the aroind of staff. On the hardwoods with the evergreens, we are over the required planting.

Wess showed the building elevation, adding that the cage was eliminated on the west of the dock area as requested. Shvegzda said the building now encroaches further out into the lake. The total volume it takes up of the detention volume is 2, cubic feet. That still allows enough detention to satisfy the requirements of the overall site. The retention basin will be pumped out to a 4 foot depth so the construction can take place in that area. It is pd that the proper sediment and erosion control measures will be taken at that elevation.

On the retaining wall located to the east and west, on the west what is indicated as a vehicle barrier has been constructed. If it is to be used as a vehicle barrier, we need some kind of versification as to its ability to withstand a vehicle impact. Apparently part of the retaining wall is going to be submerged. If that is the case, we have a copy of the specs that it will be a segmental type retaining wall system. The concern is that the type utilized there will be constructed and withstand being submerged.

Shvegzda added that on the retaining wall specifications, as this is integral not only to the structural part of the building but also to the aesthetics, we are asking that the specifications be included on the drawing so it is clear throughout what is to be required. There are several colors available on the segmental type walls and we would suggest that Ms.

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McBride approve the color selection. The applicant via both accesses, the common drive alongside Bahama Breeze and also from Northwest Boulevard has verified fire truck accessibility.

Essentially it is an extension of the concrete parking lot with a t out two feet from the face of curb. On storm water management, detention volume is alrelady provided.

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We will need sprinbdale summary of the impervious area to make sure it is within the confines of the de parameters. The storm sewer de has been submitted and is acceptable. A portion of the year flood routing is overland, and parts of it are on each of the ading properties.

Galster said I thought we had talked about splitting that lake up between the two restaurant sites.